Flisat Table Ideas (Activities For Toddlers)


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Toddlerhood is a fun stage, but it can sometimes be difficult to keep those little ones entertained and busy. Here are 11 Flisat table ideas using the famous IKEA table to keep those little ones happy and occupied!

Ikea Flisat Table activities.
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I’m all for hands-on sensory activities. It’s so essential for little ones to have the opportunity to develop and practice their fine motor skills and for us to encourage their intrinsic desires to learn. I recently purchased the IKEA Flisat Table and must say, it is one of the BEST purchases I’ve made for my boys. The setup of the table with the easily removable bins makes it so easy to switch between sensory activities. You definitely don’t need this table for the activities listed below, but I showed how they can be used with the table. Here are some Flisat table ideas and general activities you can incorporate into your little one’s playtime!

Ikea Flisat Table

As I mentioned above, you don’t need this specific table for these activities, but it’s definitely nice to have to make storage and activity rotations a little easier. This table is oftentimes out of stock at IKEA, so I was able to snag one on Amazon which I recommend if you really want to get your hands on one! Here are the base items I purchased for the table setup:

  1. Ikea Flisat Table (Or On Amazon)
  2. Large Trosat Bin
  3. Large Trofast Bin Lid
  4. Small Trofast Bin
  5. Mini Bunny Stools/IKEA Stools
Bunny stools with Ikea Flisat table.

Watch the Activities Video

1. Kinetic Sand Table

This table is perfect to use as an indoor sand table. I prefer using Kinetic sand instead of normal play sand because it is less messy and holds its shape well for scooping and building. I purchased three 3 lb packages of kinetic sand to fill 2 small Trofast bins as shown in the photo below.

Kinetic sand table with Ikea Flisat table.
Kinetic Sand Set With Molds Kinetic Sand Bag

2. Cars On “Gravel”

My boys love playing with cars and trucks, so I put together a simple gravel sensory bin with some black beans and play cars. The beans serve as “gravel” and cars were placed on top to “drive” around the land.

Gravel trucks activity with Ikea Flisat table.

3. Rice And Funnels

Rice play is excellent for developing fine motor skills. Scooping and pouring rice is a great sensory experience that provides many opportunities for imaginative play. Place some rice and a funnel set of different sizes in a large bin and allow your child the opportunity to explore.

Rice play with Ikea Flisat table.
Funnel Set

4. Functional Play Sink

My boys love water and would play in it for hours if I let them, but we all know how messy water play can sometimes get. I placed this sustainable sink from Lovevery in a large Trofast bin so that they’d be free to let the water run for hours without it going down the train. It is designed to circulate the water so that it can run for a long period of time. (This is a similar sink sold on Amazon that also fits the large Trofast bin).

Functional play sink from Lovevery.
Lovevery Play Sink Similar Amazon Play Sink

I love that it is actually a functional sink because it helps children explore real-life skills in a fun and practical way. My boys love helping Mommy “wash the dishes” and fingers crossed they’ll still love doing so in their teenage years 😉

5. Lego Building

Legos are great for exploration play and building imagination. Legos can get pretty messy, so I love keeping everything contained in a large Trofast bin. I taped a lego base to one side of the Flisat table lid and placed lego pieces in one large Trofast bin. When my boys want to build legos, I simply flip over the top and let them make creations directly on the base. Once they’re done, all the legos go back into the bin for easy cleanup.

Lego building with Ikea Flisat table.
Lego Base Lego Set

6. Sensory Fishing

Play fishing is a great way for little ones to practice and develop hand-eye coordination skills. This magnetic wooden fishing set comes with two rods and a small magnet on each fish that little ones can “catch” in the water. There are many different types of magnetic fishing sets, but I love that this specific set contains letters, numbers, and specific fish names on the fish so that little ones can learn different concepts while playing. I placed some crinkle-cut paper shreds in a large Trofast bin to serve as the “water” for a sensory experience.

Sensory fishing with Ikea Flisat table.
Wooden Fishing Set

7. Drawing Station

Drawing is excellent for developing your little one’s color perception and encouraging creativity. I love this twistable jumbo crayon set because the crayers are washable, non-toxic, easy to hold, and glide smoothly for easy coloring. I paired it with this large paper roll for a fun coloring experience!

Coloring activity with Ikea Flisat table.
Washable Crayon Set Large Paper Roll

8. Painting Station

Painting is another excellent activity for self-expression and hand-eye coordination, but we all know how messy it can get. I love this spill-proof, washable paint set from Crayola because it’s much easier to wipe down and clean compared to other paints. I paired this with large paint brushes, painting smocks, and a large paper roll and let my boys freely go to town putting their creative thoughts on paper!

Toddler boys painting on Ikea Flisat table.
Washable Paint Large Paintbrushes Painting Smocks Large Paper Roll

9. Magnatile Matching

If there’s one toy that I recommend for a toddler to have, it would be a set of magnatiles. Magnatiles are so versatile and help build and strengthen color and shape recognition abilities. It builds imagination, creativity, problem-solving skills, and so much more! I love tracing out shapes on a large paper roll and l letting my boys match up colors and shapes to reinforce concepts and the Trofast bins are great for a mess-free way of storing a set!

Magnatile matching with Ikea Flisat table.
Magnatiles Set Large Paper Roll

10. Water Table

The Trofast bins in the Flisat table are great for use as a water table! This definitely can get a little messy, so I suggest using some type of floor mat if you’re using it indoors, but water play is always great for fine motor skills and fostering imagination. Throw a few cups and toys in the bin and watch your little ones have a blast!

11. Snack Time!

This table is great for a simple snack table. I love using these placemats from Lovevery and my boys love setting the table with their utensils and cups using the guides on the mat. Occasionally, I offer a snack tray and allow my boys to serve themselves and they love the opportunity to take charge.

Looking for some snack ideas? Check out these snack recipes here!

I hope that you found these IKEA Flisat table ideas helpful and that your little ones love any activities you try out! Happy playing!

Until next time, Lily!

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  1. Amisha Patel says:

    Where did you get the bunny ears wooden chairs from? Please can you share the link? They are so cute!

    1. Lily Payen says:

      Hi Amisha! I purchased them on amazon but it looks like they are currently out of stock. This chair is a similar one, but it has added fur on the seat.😊