My Cookbook

I am SO excited to be able to share my first cookbook with you! Over the past couple of years, I’ve spent so much time planning, testing, and perfecting recipes to compile into a comprehensive book, and I can’t believe it’s officially out in the world! Writing this cookbook has been one of the most challenging, yet exciting things I’ve ever done, and I am ecstatic to finally be able to share it with you!

Feeding Tiny Bellies Cookbook Cover

What’s Inside

  • Over 100 recipes that appeal to babies, toddlers, and adults alike.
  • Beautiful photos for every single recipe to demonstrate the finished dish.
  • A comprehensive guide on baby-led weaning and how to approach this feeding approach with information reviewed by a registered dietitian.
  • Common feeding myths with evidence-based facts to support updated feeding guidelines.
  • Tips and tricks for navigating feeding challenges that may come when it comes to feeding little ones.

Feeding Tiny Bellies is a collection of over 100 simple-to-make recipes that appeal to babies, toddlers, and adults alike. It’s a one-stop guide to recipes for the whole family.

This book also provides guidance and recipes for parents of older children who would like to create simple, nutritious meals for their little ones, parents of babies who are not doing baby-led weaning, parents of children with allergies, and parents of children with developmental delays. Feeding babies and toddlers can feel like a roller coaster, and Lily provides tips for how to navigate all of the bumps along the way.

Recipes You’ll Love

This book is packed with recipe options for breakfast, lunch, dinner, sides, snacks, treats, smoothies, and more! From blueberry sheet pan pancakes to creamy stuffed shells, you’re bound to find something the whole family will love!

Thank you for all of your support and for inspiring me to create this book! I hope that you love this collection of recipes and tips and that it can be a helpful tool to add to your kitchen. I can’t wait for you to get your hands on a copy!