Easy & Delicious Recipes for Babies and Toddlers

Delicious, simple, and quick-to-make recipes suitable for babies and toddlers along with tips and ideas for navigating the feeding journey with ease.

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Lily Payen Photo Author of Feeding Tiny Bellies

Hi, I'm Lily,

Mama behind Feeding Tiny Bellies. I’m here to help you take some of the stress out of mealtimes for your little ones.

Sometimes, life gets busy and it feels impossible to manage everything around us. Making efforts to get balanced meals on the table is another thing to add to the list of never-ending tasks.

With this in mind, my goal is to create simple recipes with babies in mind that can easily be adapted for the entire family.

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Did you know that…

Toddler appetites constantly fluctuate, and most of the time they follow their growth curve and consume exactly what they need?

Have peace knowing that they are in tune with their bodies. By allowing our babies and toddlers to listen to their internal hunger cues and not interfering with this natural ability, we avoid unnecessary power struggles and negative relationships with food.

The division of responsibility still applies in toddlerhood. It is our job as caregivers to provide nutritious meals and our little one's job to choose what, when, and how much to eat.

Love these kinds of tips?

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